How do you make a logo?

I am not talking about how you draw it.  I can get around in MS Expression Design or Adobe Illustrator but what I want to explore is how I do I make a good meaningful logo for my web site that ties into then name of the site and embodies the purpose for the web site.  With that in mind I went searching for a book or web site with helpful information.

The books I found so far are more about branding:
Killer Brands by Frank Lane
Primal Branding by Patrick Hanlon

Killer Brands has a lot of neat stories of how a brand can make a company great and how a great company can make a not so good brand recognizable but not much on how to create an icon.

Primal Branding takes a look at how to connect to people by going back to their primal instincts.  It was more focused on creating a brand but it had some things that were good to consider.  There were 7 steps to creating a brand:

  • The Creation Story
  • The Creed
  • The Icons
  • The Rituals
  • The Pagans, or Nonbelievers
  • The Sacred Words
  • The Leader

These steps were interesting and of course I took to "The Icons" step right away.  I will post more about what I found later.


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