DVD Ripping Guide Coming

Just a quick note to remind myself to blog about what I am investigating.  Currently I am looking at what it takes to rip my DVDs.  I like having them on my PC so they are available via my Media Center interface.  All my movies without having to worry about the actual disks.

Last night I spent some time messing with DVDFab Platinum to find the right settings to get a single file that renders in Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center.  The nice thing is that I don’t have to use separate software to handle the encryption because DVDFab handles that.  However, I still have not found the right settings to get the files onto the PC.  I tried to use the VOB pass through setting but I cannot fast forward and rewind movies which is not cool.  When I have everything worked out I will post the entire process here.

I did learn about one new piece of software, handbrake (from www.handbrake.fr), but it looks like I will need AnyDVD to get through the encryption.  I will post results once I investigate.


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